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Ricky Thaper

Mr. Ricky Thaper in his career of more than 35 years in Poultry, has attended several specialized courses and programs on Poultry around the world.

Mr. Thaper is Treasurer, Poultry Federation of India, Honorary Vice President, North India Broiler Producers Association and Executive Member, All India Poultry Breeders Association.

Mr. Thaper has attended prestigious international events including the International Poultry Exposition in Atlanta, USA, the International Exposition for Food Processors in San Francisco, USA, World’s Poultry Congress in Montreal, Canada, VIV Turkey in Istanbul, Turkey, SPACE Poultry and Livestock Exhibition in Rennes, France, VIV EUROPE in Utrecht, The Netherlands, ILDEX Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam and many more. 

Through the prestigious Cochran Fellowship Program, Mr. Thaper had attended poultry and aqua feed preparation short course at Texas A&M University, USA in 2000. Additionally, he completed courses on extrusion processes at the Food Protein Research and Development Centre, Texas Engineering Experiment Station, Texas A&M University, in 2005, and on soybean processing at the National Soybean Research Centre, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, USA in 2008. 

Mr. Thaper actively connects and collaborates with global poultry communities, promoting industry advancements. His dedication to animal care and enthusiasm for the poultry sector has earned him multiple awards at national and international events in last three decades. Mr. Thaper is also Regional Advisory Council Member of the Soy Excellence Center-India. Mr. Thaper  provides inputs to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) Inflation Analysis Team on future price movements and food price outlook of poultry meat and feed at regular intervals. 

Mr. Thaper is on Editorial Board of Poultry Technology, Hind Poultry, Poultry World, Poultry Trends, Poultry, Dairy & Feeds News Point and Poultry Creations. Mr. Thaper has contributed several write-ups on the poultry sector which have been published in several national and international journals. He has also delivered several lectures on various global platform


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Call: 9910016293

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Email: ricky.thaper@gmail.com

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